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June 4 - 6, 2022

Wado and TSYR Pentecost Seminar 2022 in Berlin with Toby Threadgill (Kaicho and Menkyo Kaiden TSYR), Koichi Shimura (8th Dan JKF Wado-Kai, JKF Wado-Kai Adviser) and Shuzo Imai (9th Dan DKV, 7th Dan JKF Wado-Kai). 


June 6, 2022

JKF Wado-Kai Dan exams (1st - 5th Dan), board of examiners:

Koichi Shimura, Shuzo Imai, Niko Utriainen, Christina Gutz),

DKV Wado Dan exams (1st - 6th Dan), board of examiners:

Shuzo Imai, Christina Gutz, Bernd Alscher. 

Dear all,

Unfortunately we have to make a sad announcement regarding our Wado and TSYR Pentecost Seminar 2022 in Berlin.

Toby Threadgill sensei is unable to teach at our Wado and TSYR Pentecost Seminar on June 4 and 5, 2022 in Berlin due to a serious case of illness in his family. He regrets this very much. Toby Threadgill sensei wishes our Seminar much success and will be with us in spirit.

Shimura sensei and Imai sensei wish Threadgill sensei all the best and will now lead our Pentecost Seminar as a pair.

The participation fees are reduced as follows: Whole course 60 Euro, one day: 40 Euro, reduction for WDS members, children up to 16 years, students and job seekers: respective participation fee minus 10 Euro.

Covid-19 Hygiene rules during the seminar: It is recommended to wear a mouth-nose covering in the corridors and locker rooms. Mouth-to-nose covering may also be worn during training. Covid-19 testing and proof of vaccination or recovery is not required. These rules are subject to change, if necessary, due to the pandemic and updated official regulations.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Christina Gutz 

Consultant of Wado ryu Berlin, Chairwoman JKF Wadokai Deutschland Sohonbu

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Du bist immer willkommen, dich unserem Training anzuschließen :

You are always welcome to attend our classes:



Shuzo Imai (9th Dan Wado ryu DKV, 7th Dan JKF Wado-Kai,

1st Kyu Qualification Examiner JKF Wado-Kai)

Monday, 06:30 pm - 09:00 pm

Wednesday, 06:30 pm – 08:00 pm

Sporthalle der Brehmschule, Karl-Müller-Straße 25, 40237 Düsseldorf

Link: http://www.wadoryu-duesseldorf.de/wado-ryu-karate-verein-duesseldorf.html




Christina Gutz (7th Dan Wado ryu DKV, 5th Dan JKF Wado-Kai, 2nd Kyu Qualification Examiner JKF Wado-Kai), Bernd Alscher (7th Dan Wado ryu DKV), Knut Paul (3th Dan Wado ryu DKV and 4th JKF Wado-Kai, 3rd Kyu Qualification Examiner JKF Wado-Kai)

Saturday, 09:00 am – 10:30 am

Sportschule Nippon Berlin, Mittelstraße 34, 12167 Berlin

Link: http://www.sportstudio-nippon.com/


Christina Gutz (7th Dan Wado ryu DKV, 5th Dan JKF Wado-Kai, 2nd Kyu Qualification Examiner JKF Wado-Kai)

Sunday, 07:30 pm – 09:30 pm

Gymnastikhalle Urbanstraße, Urbanstraße 166, 10965 Berlin

Link: https://www.gaysha.de/



Christian Christen (4th Dan Wado ryu, 3rd Dan JKF Wado-Kai)

Tuesday, 07:30 pm – 09:00 pm

Aikido Dojo Hasenheide, Hasenheide 9, 10967 Berlin

Link: https://www.gaysha.de/


Dr. Nico Ruf (4th Dan Wado ryu DKV, 3rd Dan JKF Wado-Kai), Dr. Torsten Moschny (3rdDan Wado ryu, 1st Dan JKF Wado-Kai)

Wednesday, 07:00 pm - 08:30 pm

Sporthalle Trelleborgschule, Eschengraben 40, 13189 Berlin

Link: http://kcn-berlin.de/




Helge Müller (4th Dan JKF Wado-Kai, 3rd Kyu Instructor JKF Wado-Kai)

Wednesday, 08:00 pm - 09:30 pm

Sporthalle der Elbkinder Grundschule, Grotefendweg 20, 22589 Hamburg

Link: http://www.wado-hamburg.de/